Author: David

How to Clean a Fabric Office or Desk Chair

As comfortable as fabric office chairs are to sit on, they can be a real challenge to clean. Fabric office chairs aren’t like our upholstered chairs at home which can be steam cleaned with an upholstery attachment on a rented Rug Doctor. Office chairs require special handling slightly different to a computer gaming chair, and scrubbing them down with soap and water may damage the upholstery and rust the metal parts. Before trying to clean your office chair, you should first look for the manufacturers cleanability code. This code is usually found beneath the seat and refers to the color fastness of the dyes used in the upholstery. If your chair is not marked with cleaning instructions, a good rule of thumb to follow is if the upholstery is made of at least 50% cotton, then it is not safe to self clean. Office chairs that are made of synthetic materials (such as polyester) are usually safe to clean.

Before attempting to clean your fabric chair with any of these methods, it’s always wise to test first for color fastness on a discreet part of the chair.

Foam upholstery cleaner

The makers of Woolite laundry soap also make a fabric and upholstery cleaner that both cleans, deodorizes, and freshens soiled fabrics. For chairs that are incredibly smelly, a product like Woolite is a great way to both clean the fabric and remove bad odors.

To use, carefully dampen the fabric with a rag, taking care not to soak the material. Carefully spray the chair with Woolite Fabric amp; Upholstery Cleaner, and wipe gently with a clean, damp rag. Blot out the excess moisture with a dry towel and repeat until the chair is clean.

Home made shampoo

If your budget won’t allow you to purchase upholstery cleaner in a can, making your own shampoo is another alternative. A little bit of Dawn dish detergent mixed in a small bowl of warm water is a great all purpose cleaner for chairs that can be cleaned with water.

Apply your homemade shampoo to the upholstery sparingly, using a damp rag. Instead of scrubbing up and down, it’s best to apply the shampoo in a blotting, circular motion. Blot up the soap with a clean, but damp rag. Continue rinsing in this method until all the soap has been removed. Blot the area dry with a towel.


For fabric office or desk chairs that must be cleaned with a solvent, upholstery solvent-type cleaners are available at most grocery, home improvement or discount department stores. These products come in either liquid or spray form, and should be applied following the instructions as written on the can. Solvent cleaners are easy to use, and are recommended for removing stains on dry clean only fabrics.

Cajun Cooking Ohio Style: Chicken and Sausage Over Rice

Although I was born in Ohio, grew up in Ohio and love our regional cuisine, I did have the opportunity to attend the New Orleans School of Cooking, and loved every bit of it. I love the fact that there is a cooking school, the instructors are great, the demonstrations and recipes are fantastic and the food is so delicious. I learned about Cajun cooking, southern tradition and some terminology that was new to me. One term that stuck in my mind, and is a standard of my cooking too, is the Cajun trinity. Ha, ha, ok I know the Trinity; but, did not know about the Cajun trinity. Wow! Now I know that the Cajun trinity is: celery, bell pepper and onion. It is a beginning for many Cajun dishes.
I do make many of the traditional dishes I learned to make in the classes; however, I did use the techniques I learned to apply to our Ohio cooking too. This recipe is one that I developed, beginning with the Cajun trinity and using more common items we have in Ohio to make a tasty dish. I love the seafood and Andouille sausage that is used in many Cajun dishes, but substituted chicken and our regional sausage for this dish. And, although I love the Cajun spices too, many members of my family do not share my taste for them; so, I have also left them out. Well, at least we all enjoy the Cajun trinity!

Cajun Cooking Ohio Style: Chicken and Sausage over Rice


1 tablespoon butter or olive oil
1 medium bell pepper, chopped
1 medium onion, chopped
3 or 4 stalks celery, chopped
¼ cup flour
1 can (141/2 oz) diced tomatoes
½ cup chicken broth
1 ½ cup cooked, chopped, chicken breast
1 ½ cup cooked, thick slices, sausage
½ teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon pepper
¼ cup chopped, fresh parsley
1 teaspoon Cajun hot sauce or spices (optional)
Hot cooked rice for six servings


Melt the butter, or add oil, in Dutch oven and heat; add chopped bell pepper, chopped onion and chopped celery. Heat over medium heat until vegetables are tender. Add flour to pan and heat, stirring until flour is dissolved. Add canned tomatoes (do not drain) and continue to heat over medium heat. Add chopped chicken and sliced sausage. Stir and allow to heat through. Add salt, pepper, parsley, and optional hot sauce or spices. Allow this mixture to simmer as you prepare the rice.

Cook rice:

Cook enough rice for six servings, according to package directions.

Six servings:

To serve, place one serving of rice on a plate or in a bowl and ladle the hot chicken and sausage mixture on top. Place a sprig of fresh parsley on top for a garnish.